Today's modern day “web designer” is someone who can code, and thus breath life to their design.


This site is dedicated to the workshop organized by MetaRefresh (12-15 Feb, 2014) - The Design Superheroes who use Modern Design Workflows by Brajeshwar.

This workshop will take you through design workflows and tools that will make you a designer to be reckon with. This will introduce you to tools such as Yeoman, Bower, Grunt, Jekyll and make your life easier with processes such as CSS Linting, CSS compression, Javascript Uglification, Automatic Image optimization, complete with testing your design codes on the way.

To take full advantage of the workship, here are the prerequisites;

  • A web designer already familiar with coding in HTML/CSS.
  • Is ready to experiment with command-line tools and commands.
  • Willing and eager to learn more.


The workshop will have two broad modules;

  1. Smarter way of writing CSS with a CSS Preprocessor.
  2. Workflow Automation.


You're advised to download and setup the following. Make sure they're working.

If you need help with installation or have any issues, feel free to contact me.